There and Here

“Choreographer Take Ueyama manages to create an ethereal world of softness and grace where bodies seem to touch the air around them with reverence and holiness.”
– Critical Dance

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Concept, Direction & Choreography: Takehiro Ueyama
Composer & Musician: Kato Hideki
Production Manager & Lighting: Lauren Parrish
Set Design: Lauren Parrish & Takehiro Ueyama
Additional Set Design: StoneDog Studios
Costumes: Cesar Alcocer
Special Effects: Jeremy Lydic
Premiere: March 26, 2015 at The Schimmel Center at Pace University, New York, NY

There and Here is a work that explores the process of life and the nature of the afterlife. The body integrates over time with the landscape in a barely perceivable alteration. Through this transition toward the life after life, this metamorphic shifting, the body and the spirit remain as elements of the universe.

As we age, space and time change. The meaning behind our approach shifts as we live and our actions/reactions reflect our life histories. Memory is stored in the body, thus our body becomes our memories. Over time, we rely on this memory settled in our bodies. The beauty in living this life becomes the memory chiseled in the body. As living organisms connected to the ever-evolving universe, we are integrated as a part of the natural environment. We are but stones, whose movements cause the ripple in the water.