“It has speed, size, and a Philip Glass-driven turbulence cycle, as well as reverential calm, stillness, and silence.” – The New Yorker
“It is the elements of surprise married to easy pauses or lulls that make Take’s choreography delicious, and when the whole evening hits as it did here, it is a beautiful thing.” – OFF OFF OFF Dance

Photo Slideshow

Choreography: Takehiro Ueyama
Music: Ana Milosavljevic Reflections with Terry Riley’s Bird of Paradise: Part 1
Aleksandra Vrebalov The Spell III
Philip Glass Meetings Along The Edge
Ana Milosavljevic NEBO
Lighting: Lauren Parrish
Costumes: Jess Dunham
Sound Design: Damian Eckstein
Photo Images: Richard Barnes

I find that nature inspires me most and this is what I try to capture in my work. It is pure, honest, courageous, dangerous, and beautiful at any given moment. While in Rome, I witnessed this beauty yet again. Looking up, I saw a flock of starlings playing in the sky. Their movements far surpassed any dance I had ever witnessed, with their breathtaking unison flights and banking turns, sculpting the air in patterns so seamlessly elegant. Time stood still as they danced in the heavens leaving me on the ground wishing I could fly away with them.